Albuquerque, NM

The city of Albuquerque, NM was… different. The first thing I noticed was how horrible the drivers were. Before even hitting the city there were 3 major accidents in a 20 minute span (all 3 had major injuries that closed off freeways). Shortly after I saw a person run a left turn red light in front of oncoming traffic. I think the city is all just waiting to be murdered by car accidents or something.

National Nuclear Museum

National Nuclear Museum

Within the walls of Albuquerque is the National Nuclear museum which was a lot of fun. They have fragments from the Berlin wall and also real-life replicas of atomic bombs. They also go into the scientific history of how everything was created and where the concepts came from. I also got to eat at the ever amazing Sadie’s restaurant. The food there is known for their spiciness and boy did it deliver! It was amazing in so many ways.

Papa Johns

DLP at Papa Johns

Not only did I have the benefit of learning about science, but I got to see one of our colonies! They even showed me how they have a shirt posted inside of the Papa Johns! Super nice. They were all very friendly and it was fun meeting them.

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