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Montgomery, AL

Montgomery had so much more to offer than Birmingham. First off it was the capitol of Alabama which was a gorgeous capitol. The inside color scheme was pink and green and the architect did a fairly nice job. Just look

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Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL oddly didn’t have much to see. I went there to see the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. The museum did a very good job of showing the civil rights movement of African-Americans in America and I even got to

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Huntsville, AL

Another amazing NASA day! I got to go to Huntsville, AL where the Space and Rocket center is. this was where they did some rocket testing and also house one of the 3 Saturn V rockets that never deployed. (The

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Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN was a lot better than I originally expected. The first thing to blow me out of the water is the replica of the Parthenon. It was so completely random, but so amazing. They even had a full-size replica

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Memphis, TN

Memphis! Sadly, I was fairly disappointed with Memphis. Everyone talks about Beale St., but it was an utter disappointment. The atmosphere was so dead! No one was out and the town seemed like a ghost town. Not a very good

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Little Rock, AR

Little Rock is a cute little city in the middle of Arkansas. The capitol itself was fairly cute and grand. Everything was big and easily navigateable. The capitol was probably one of the dirtiest though as I saw piles of

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Jackson, MS

Jackson, Mississippi oddly was more fun than I imagined. Mainly because of the dinner place I ended up going to. I went to a place called Underground 119 which was super cool. There was a live jazz band playing which

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Hattiesburg, MS

Mississippi is home to where they test the rocket engines for NASA. The science center itself doesn’t really have much, but the cool part is to be able to go and see the test pads. Totally worth it!

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New Orleans, LA

New Orleans! The city of Mardi Gras and the city I was stuck in until my car was repaired. Luckily the city did not fail to impress! The best part of New Orleans is definitely the food! The first morning

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Baton Rouge, LA

The Louisiana State Capitol was weird in that it is the only capitol without a dome. Their liberty bell was also not on the capitol grounds, but they also had it right next door in their armory park. The inside

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