Lincoln, NE

Nebraska State Capitol

Nebraska State Capitol Building

Lincoln, Nebraska was gorgeous in the snow! The only issue for me was that this was the first time I ever drove in the snow! I drove 3 hours in a snow storm with the roads turning slowly into ice. Luckily Mandelbrot had the will to live and we made it to Lincoln; although in Lincoln Mandelbrot started playing around in the ice. Mandelbrot wanted to slip and slide at every chance he could get! Eventually I yelled at him and he calmed down. We got to see the state capitol building which was gorgeous! The architecture and design of the building was phenomenal. They had put in a lot of thought and effort into building the capitol and it really showed. It completely trounced all the previous capitols and was completely worth visiting. Unfortunately I was a little behind on my itinerary so I had to run quickly, but one day I hope to go back and get a fuller tour.

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