Springfield, IL

Illinois State Capitol

Illinois State Capitol Building

Springfield, IL was more fun than I imagined. Their biggest selling point was that Abraham Lincoln was from Illinois so everything they had was structured around that. I think they forgot that Obama came from Illinois as well. Either way their capitol was gorgeous as well. It was the same architect as that of Iowa so the structure was pretty much the same. The only thing missing was a cafe so that I can warm up my frozen fingers with tea. Other than that oversight it was fun. Their liberty bell was missing the wooden top, but that’s permissible I guess.

D'Arcy's Pint

D’Arcy’s Pint

While in Springfield I decided to try a horseshoe for the first time, and what better place than D’Arcy’s pint. This place is known for their horseshoe’s and it truly was amazing. What’s a horseshoe you ask? It’s basically toast, with meat on top, and then french fries then all smothered with cheese sauce. Super nommy I must say. I also had the pleasure of going to the Lincoln Museum which was a lot of fun. You get to learn a lot about Lincoln and his whole life. It was a shorter museum (roughly 3 hours), but I thought it was worth it.

The city itself looks like it hadn’t been touched in years. The streets were fairly empty and the town pretty dead. It was pretty to look at, but it seemed like they were waiting for tourists or something. It was a weird city, but pretty beautiful. Worth driving through and stopping for a horseshoe at D’Arcy’s.

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