Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma State Capitol

Oklahoma State Capitol Building

Oklahoma had a fun little capitol. Their dome wasn’t constructed until 2002 due to them running out of funds when constructing the original building. The dome was donated by different corporations and for each major donation they got their name added to the dome which was kind of weird. So now on the inside of the dome are 8 different company names, which I don’t necessarily like as it implies that corporations own the state. Another weird part of Oklahoma was that the liberty bell was not on the capitol grounds. The liberty bell had been moved to the historical center which was kind of weird, but I guess it’s their bell so whatever. The historical center was next door so it wasn’t that big of a deal. The building itself was pretty. It was on the blander side, but it was still nice. I got to meet one of the Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices which was super fun. She was one of 2 women on the court (of 9) so it was nice seeing equality slowly becoming present in Oklahoma.

After the capitol I ended up going to Science Museum Oklahoma which was pretty fun. At first I thought it was made just for children, but after visiting I found it also had a lot for adults. There was a whole section on mathematics including logic puzzles, geometry and fractals! (Mandelbrot was super happy with that last section) Their planetarium was also a lot of fun. The worker there was super cool and ended up showing me her wedding dress. She also gave me a mini tour of the museum which I gladly let her show me and we saw the different sections of the museum I hadn’t seen yet. There was soooo much fun! One of these days I’ll definitely have to go back and check out the rest.

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