Austin, TX

Texas State Capitol

Texas State Capitol Building

The Texas State Capitol building was unfortunately fairly boring. The inside was all just regular white paint which is not very fun. There was nothing very grand or exciting on the inside. The tour guide was also very boring and only mentioned very basic facts which quickly escaped my brain due to his monotone way of saying everything. The capitol building also didn’t have the liberty bell anymore. They moved it and gave it to Texas A&M to celebrate their ‘graduates’ which to me sounds like an excuse to just get the liberty bell off their capitol grounds. Even the visitor center didn’t understand why they did that, but it was what it was. Either way the capitol didn’t impress me very much.

I also went ahead and got to meet the Beta Rho chapter out in Austin. They were tons of fun and we went to Plucker’s wing bar for dinner. Afterward we all ended up going to Oil Can Harry’s for dancing the night away. The club wasn’t very fun and I truthfully couldn’t wait to leave. Afterward we ended up going to whataburger (my first time ever!) and realized that it actually isn’t that great for fast food. We also ended up going to a donut shop called Ken’s which was pretty good. I had a donut center and it was phenomenal.

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