Memphis, TN

Memphis! Sadly, I was fairly disappointed with Memphis. Everyone talks about Beale St., but it was an utter disappointment. The atmosphere was so dead! No one was out and the town seemed like a ghost town. Not a very good impression I must say.

While there I did 2 things: 1) Go to the National Civil Rights museum which is located right in front of where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. It was a very well done museum, and that’s not even considering that their main museum was closed for renovation! They did an amazing job with current civil rights themes and also with the assassination of MLK. 2) Went to Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. Yes that was the name. Sadly the fried chicken wasn’t that great, but the fried green tomatoes! Now those tomatoes were awesome!!! I should have just ordered two orders of those and I would have been satisfied! Definitely worth going just for the tomatoes. (Although skip the chicken and go to popeyes instead…)

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