Huntsville, AL

Mobile Quarantine Unit

Mobile Quarantine Unit

Another amazing NASA day! I got to go to Huntsville, AL where the Space and Rocket center is. this was where they did some rocket testing and also house one of the 3 Saturn V rockets that never deployed. (The other 2 are at Houston and Kennedy) I got to play around with that and I also go to play around in one of the space capsules!

Space Capsule

Me inside a space capsule

I did a bus tour where I got to see the facilities and also the army base out there. Our tour guide was uber attractive and it didn’t help that most of the time he was talking he kept looking at me. Although I’m pretty sure he was straight, but I also have horrible gaydar, so who knows. Either way you can probably tell that the space and rocket museum is a blast and I highly recommend it to everyone. One of the better museums by Nasa.

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