Montgomery, AL

Alabama State Capitol

Alabama State Capitol Building

Awesome staircase

Awesome Staircase in the Alabama State Capitol building

Montgomery had so much more to offer than Birmingham. First off it was the capitol of Alabama which was a gorgeous capitol. The inside color scheme was pink and green and the architect did a fairly nice job. Just look at the staircases! Outside the building was the liberty bell and also they had a flag from every state in a big semi-circle in alphabetical order. They also had each state deliver to them a rock with the state name engraved on the rock. Each rock is native to that state in particular. It was super cool! Montgomery did a really nice job with that.

I also got to go the amazing “Martin’s Restaurant” which truly did have amazing fried chicken (unlike those phonies out in Memphis). I ate so much fried chicken I could barely eat anymore. Their biscuits were to die for as well! Totally worth it if you’re in town.

Fitzgerald Museum

Fitzgerald Museum

While in Montgomery I also stopped by the Rosa Parks museum which was done by the same guy as the holocaust museum out in Los Angeles. It was an amazing show and I learned a lot about the bus boycott that I didn’t know beforehand. The biggest thing I learned that the Supreme Court decision that ended the boycott was NOT the one that was started by Rosa Parks. It was a court case that began even before Ms. Parks stood up to the bus driver. It was definitely worth visiting. I also got to go to the Fitzgerald museum which is the only museum dedicated to the Fitzgerald family. It was kinda cool to go there although since I’m not that big into reading I wasn’t that interested. It was still super fun to learn about their lives.

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