Tallahassee, FL

Florida Governor's Mansion

Florida Governor’s Mansion

Tallahassee was a super cute town that seemed fairly low key. I got to see my brother George Aspros and we had a fabulous time! I got to see the Governor’s mansion which was pretty slick. It was a living mansion so we couldn’t see everything, but the parts we saw were pretty cool. We also got to checkout the capitol which was tons of fun! They have added stuff to their capitol so many times that I couldn’t even tell you where one parts begins and another ends. It was super cool. The old capitol is literally a part of the new capitol which made it super confusing at first, but eventually I got to see the working capitol. The legislature chambers were closed so we had to ask the Sergeant at Arms to open them up for us and they did! The girl who helped us was super nice! (If you’re reading this, hello! Thanks again =D)

Florida State Capitol

Florida State Capitol Building with Liberty Bell

Of course we also had to check out a Mediterranean place while there because why not? We went to pitaria which was decent. They didn’t have shawerma which made me sad, but the food was pretty good. The falafel was super weird! They put in so much parsley all you could taste was the parsley. The cool part of the restaurant was the grocery store that was inside of it. Super fun and awesome.

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