Charleston, SC


Sunrise in Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC was such a cute town! I drove through town early in the morning and got to see the phenomenal sunrise pictured above. To get to that sunrise took a major step though, I had to get pulled over by a cop! I was driving early morning and a cop pulled me over. I didn’t know why, but I obliged and went over to the side. It turns out my front passenger light was out. I was a little irritated to say the least considering just the day before I had picked up Mandelbrot from the service center in Orlando! Either way I told him I was off to watch the sunrise and he pointed me in the direction that would produce this amazing shot.

Early Bird Diner

Early Bird Diner

Not only did I watch the sunrise but I also went to a diner called ‘The Early Bird Diner’. The only problem? It didn’t open until 7am. I have no idea what kind of Early Bird waits until 7am to have breakfast, but let me tell you this early bird was starving by the time he got there at 7. I ended up having the shrimp and grits in tomato sauce and it was epic amazing. The food more than made up for my disappointment at their false advertising in their diner’s name. If you’re in town (and are a night owl) I recommend this place for breakfast.

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