Harrisburg, PA

Pennsylvania State Capitol

Pennsylvania State Capitol Building

This capitol was the first capitol to dethrone Nebraska as my favorite. The capitol was so gorgeous to look at I almost didn’t want to leave. Each step, each corner I turned, another amazing piece of architecture stared me boldly in the face. It was such a beautiful piece of architecture architected by Joseph Miller Huston. It opened on October 4, 1906 after the previous building was destroyed by a fire. Apparently even President Theodore Roosevelt called it ‘the handsomest Capitol I ever saw’. The rotunda is 272 ft high which peaks with a 52-million pound dome that was modeled after St. Peter’s in Rome. The grand marble staircase was designed after the one at the Paris Opera. There are mosaics (377 of them) and gorgeous stained glass pieces everywhere. The house chamber was equally as gorgeous, but I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. The Senate chamber was unfortunately closed at the time I was there. I also wasn’t allowed in the Supreme court room as I wasn’t a part of a tour. It was also a very active capitol with things happening all over the place. If you’re ever even remotely in town, I highly recommend visiting it.

Liberty Bell and Pennsylvania State Capitol

Liberty Bell and Pennsylvania State Capitol Building

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