Hershey, PA

 My Chocolate Bar

My Chocolate Bar made in the Hershey Factory

If you have a sweet tooth and love American chocolate, this is the place to go! I think I died of chocolate overload by the end of it. I first started off with the ‘create your own chocolate’ tour which ended up being less entertaining than I thought, but was cool to be able to create your own chocolate bar (Even if the options were limited). I chose a white chocolate base with almonds, butterscotch chips, and butterscotch toffee crunch. All of that was covered with milk chocolate and given the package shown above that I got to design. I wanted to make another one for my mom, but I knew she wasn’t finished eating all the chocolate I bought for her from Brussels so I didn’t get another one, and at $15 each I was kinda happy.

Next I did the chocolate tour which basically gives a brief description of how chocolate is made at their factories which was kinda cool to see although we didn’t get to see any actual chocolate made. Afterward I went to the chocolate tasting room where we got to learn how to taste chocolate in order to be able to tell the differences. It was actually really cool to learn how to eat chocolate properly to taste all the hidden flavors. In essence, rather than chewing on the chocolate you let it melt in your mouth. It made the chocolate taste so much better that way and you got so many different flavors explode in your mouth. I now have a new way of eating chocolate it looks like.

All of the above took me roughly 2 hours to do so I randomly walked around the whole area to see what kinds of things they offered and they had every type of candy you could imagine. I also really wanted a cupcake but they were all the super large sizes and I didn’t really feel like eating something the size of my head so I said no. If they had small sizes I would definitely have picked one up though! I also realized they have a huge theme park right next door called Hersheypark which seemed really cool. It’s supposed to be the disney/six flags equivalent for Pennsylvania. Super cool! I’ll definitely check it out next time I’m in town.

On my way out of town I realized something horrific though: the clip for my camera that attaches to my tripod magically disappeared! Come back tomorrow to see what ended up happening.

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