York, PA

Camera Shop

Camera Center of York

Once I realized I lost my clip I went a little crazy. I tore up my car and looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. I drove all the way back to Harrisburg and retraced all of my steps and still no luck. I went to 3 different police stations and 2 different tour booths and none of them had seen it. Despaired I called a camera shop in Harrisburg to see if they had replacements. They said they didn’t. I was so close to crying. I didn’t want to spend $100 to buy a new tripod just for a clip!

I asked the guy if he knew of any other camera shops in the area and he said the only one he knew of was in York. He gave me the name of the place and I quickly looked it up and called them. The guy at first didn’t understand what I was talking about, but after a 15 minute conversation he finally understood and he found exactly 1 clip in their whole store. I was relieved, until I found out they closed at 5pm; 45 minutes from now. It was 4:15 so traffic was just beginning and York was a 30 minute drive south. It was going to be a super close call. I jumped in my car and raced aka tried to go faster than 10mph through traffic to try to get there in time. After about 40 minutes I got to York, parked my car and ran over to the camera shop 5 minutes before they closed! The guy had put aside the clip and I got the replacement part for $5!!! I was so relieved I could have fainted right then and there.

Instead I celebrated by going to Just Cupcakes Cafe and having an Bailey’s cupcake. Yup, a cupcake with Bailey’s in it. It basically tasted like a vanilla cupcake, but it was still good. I got the mini one instead of the full size one which made me happy. I then walked around town and realized that York was a super cute town! There were so many delicious smells roaming around I quickly became hungry and decided to grab a bite to eat. I went to Jim & Nena’s Pizzaria and of course ordered a Philly Cheesesteak. It was a random hole in the wall place and the cheesesteak was amazing. I left York happy and started my trek over to Deleware.

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