Trenton, NJ

New Jersey State Capitol Building

New Jersey State Capitol Building

New Jersey… The things I could say about this state. The only major thing I will mention is that the drivers here need to learn how to drive. They were some of the worst drivers. The only ones worse were Miami and Albuquerque.

Trenton itself was ok. It seemed to be very poverty stricken and it made me not want to leave the car. Therefore the capitol was the only thing I did. The capitol building itself was pretty cool. Although I couldn’t find the liberty bell I did have fun walking through with a guided tour and seeing different parts. I ran into a family that was doing the same thing I was! They started in Denver and were hitting all the states with their child. It was super cool. We compared notes and kept going. I was slightly out of it so we didn’t talk much, but it was still pretty cool to run into someone who was doing the same thing I was.

As I mentioned, there was poverty everywhere so I didn’t stay in Trenton long. I saw it and then quickly departed out to continue my trek.

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