New Haven, CT

While I was in Albany, I remembered that one of my brothers had moved from Denver to New Haven! I had seen him in Denver during my road trip so I decided to call him and see if I can visit him. Alex Chapeaux responded fairly quickly and we immediately made plans for me to make a quick detour to say hi. It was so fun seeing him! New Haven on the other hand… I felt like I walked into a ghetto. Although it probably was more dirty rather than unsafe, it didn’t give me that great of a vibe. Alex and I ended up walking through New Haven and checking out the different restaurants in downtown which was pretty cool. Although not very vibrant, it seemed that New Haven at least had some different options. We settled for a Thai place called ‘Pad Thai authentic Thai cuisine’. We both ended up getting the exact same order which was comical. The summer rolls were good as always and the drunken noodles were equally as good. Probably not the best I had ever had, but pretty good nonetheless. The restaurant itself was super fun to be in as all the walls were filled with eclectic stuff. It was fun to be there and see Alex again, although I’ll likely never go to New Haven again.

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