Hartford, CT

Connecticut State Capitol

Connecticut State Capitol Building

Hartford is the capitol of Connecticut. I didn’t do much in Hartford, but it was fun to visit. I was slightly late to the tour that was scheduled, but one of the tour guides decided to give me a private tour which was pretty phenomenal. We hit it off and even ended up discussing cupcakes! Made me miss Top It cupcakes from back near my parent’s place in Gilbert, AZ. The capitol itself wasn’t overly amazing, but it did have some fun history! I got to sit in the chair that the leader of the senate sits in. (Don’t remember if it’s the president pro tempore or the lieutenant governor) The seat itself has a fairly epic history though. Apparently back in the day when the british and the colonists were meeting and had the charter for Connecticut on the table, the colonists quickly extinguished the lights, grabbed the charter and hid it inside a tree. It stayed there for years (over 100 I think) and eventually the tree got hit by lightning, killing it. They thus took the tree and instead of throwing it out, they furnished souvenirs out of it. The biggest piece was made into the chair that I sat in. Epic story right?! Not only that but they also had a station to grab water from for the horses. Apparently the architect wanted to make sure that water was plentiful throughout the capitol which is always nice.

Connecticut Liberty Bell

Connecticut Liberty Bell

The liberty bell was found in the state capitol itself. Not only that, but they had a picture of Armenian immigrants into Connecticut in the 1920’s. It was the only ethnic photo they had in a hall of photos outlining the history of Connecticut. Maybe that’s why I like the state so much.

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