Montpelier, VT

Vermont's State Capitol

Vermont’s State Capitol Building

Vermont’s State House was hidden off the road. You couldn’t see it from the interstate which was fun. The capitol itself was super cute and super old as well acheter viagra sur internet. It was the 3rd capitol built as the 1st one became to small and the 2nd one burned down. It was cute walking through it although everyone seemed super busy working on stuff. From what I can gather they were going to be voting on the death penalty. Super touchy subject!

Vermont's Liberty Bell

Vermont’s Liberty Bell

After the statehouse I walked over to the supreme court building where I was able to nab a picture of the liberty bell! I had to convince the guard to let me in which was no small feat! I eventually was able to go through the building to look for the bell. Luckily I was able to find it to nab this picture.

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