Lansing, MI

Michigan State Capitol

Michigan State Capitol Building

Michigan had a gorgeous state capitol! It definitely went on my list of some of my favorite capitols. Everything there was so articulately made and thought about, it was phenomenal. It was built in 1870 and cost $1.2 million at the time to build it which in today’s dollars is roughly $2.5 billion. The chandeliers were all the same and all looked epic. They had animals on them and were very intricate. The house and the senate rooms also had the seals of each state on their ceiling which was super cool. Definitely worth checking out.

Michigan Liberty Bell

Michigan Liberty Bell

The liberty bell was a trek to find though! I had to walk down the street to the Michigan Historical Center in order to find the liberty bell tucked away in a corner in the staff office from the looks of it. Made me sad to see it hidden in a corner.

While in Lansing I also met up with the brothers of chi chapter. They were super cool and we ended up hanging out at Buffalo wild wings and just chatting. It was super fun meeting the boys and I can’t wait to see the amazing things they produce.

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