Louisville, KY

Louisville is one of those towns that you probably never hear about. It’s a small town in Kentucky. But even though you might not know the town, you probably know one of the biggest events that take place there: The Kentucky Derby! Although I don’t particularly like the Kentucky Derby (not a fan of horse races nor gambling) there is one event I can fully get behind. The event is called Thunder over Louisville and is the kick off to the derby. In esesnce it is a 28 minute fireworks show that shoots off 52 tons of fireworks. Yes, tons fo fireworks. This show was spectacular. It begins where most fireworks shows end, and from there it only gets better. They close off the main freeway and shoot the fireworks from there. Some of the fireworks drape over the side of the bridge, other ones are shot straight up, there’s even a musical selection that goes along with the whole thing. It was so amazing I can’t wait to go again. This is definitely on my list to do over and over again. If you’re ever around town during when this will happen, make it a point to go see it.

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