Cincinnati, OH



Cincinatti was an ok city. I got there and realized there actually isn’t much to do in town. I went and saw St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica across the river (which technically is in Convington, KY, but we’ll merge them together for now) The Basilica wasn’t as decorated as most, but the purification water at the entrance was in a super cool pond-like structure. It was actually really cool. I wouldn’t say you should go out of your way to see the Basilica, but if you’re in town it’s a fun visit as always.

Purple People's Bridge

Purple People’s Bridge

Cincinnati also had a cool bridge called the “Purple People’s Bridge”. It is basically an old steel bridge that used to be for cars that eventually became not suitable for cars (yet somehow still suitable for humans) so they converted it to a pedestrian bridge. It was fun to walk across it between Kentucky and Ohio. I ended up going to Gameworks on the Kentucky side and someone had left money in the DDR machine. I waited 15 minutes and when no one showed up I decided that someone needed to use the free game, so I went ahead and played a round. Super fun as always. After playing it was time to head out of Cincinnati as there wasn’t much going on in that town unfortunately.

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