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Flagstaff, AZ

I wanted to go to Flagstaff my first time around, but I decided against it as I didn’t think I would enjoy it much there alone. One of my friends ended up moving there while I was on my road

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Los Angeles, CA – Again!

I’m back! I’ve finally finished my loop of the US and am back to my starting point! This second time coming to LA still had some tasks that I needed to accomplish. I went to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for

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Santa Cruz, CA

Santa cruz is home to the infamous mystery spot. The mystery spot is this actually really cool place where gravity does really weird things. No one really knows why apparently but everything seems to move in different ways than one

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San Francisco, CA

I was finally back home! San Francisco, the city of endless dreams fulfilled. There was a plethora of stuff to do while in town so I jumped right in by going to the Exploratorium. It was the first time I

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Novato, CA

I didn’t expect to be going to Novato, but I ended up stopping here to see one of my mom’s really good friends, Kirk. Kirk and I met up and got to catch up on everything that is happening in

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Davis, CA

Davis! This was the city that I went to University and had an amazing 3 years studying mathematics. While in town I got to go to THE BEST sandwich shop on the planet, Zia’s Delicatessen. It was super phenomenal and

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Sacramento, CA

Rounding off my capitol tours was California! California is my home state so I’ve definitely been to this capitol a few times, but it’s always a hoot to visit it again. It’s not the most glamorous capitol out there, but

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Carson City, NV

Carson city is home to Nevada’s state capitol. The city itself isn’t to outrageously amazing, but it’s fun to walk down the main street and see everything around town. The state capitol was practically desserted. Apparently the capitol itself doesn’t

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Crater Lake, OR

Crater Lake was super fun to go and see, especially once you find out the island in the middle is called Wizard’s Island. The crater was made by a volcano erupting way long ago which gives it its distinct look.

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Salem, OR

Oregon’s state capitol was fun to go through. They allow you to climb to the top of the building and get an up close look at the sculpture on top which turns out to be a lumberjack of sorts although

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