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Madison, WI

Wisconsin State Capitol Building Wisconsin state capitol was a fairly gorgeous building. It was the 3rd building built and cost $7.25 million dollars which is roughly $131 million in today’s money. The architect was George B. Post & Sons from

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Augusta, ME

Maine State Capitol Building Augusta, ME was a fairly normal capitol, but I got to learn some cool things I didn’t know before. Did you know that Maine actually separated from Massachusetts in 1820?! Super cool. The building was designed

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Albany, NY

Albany is of course the capitol of New York! Their capitol was amazing. Not only is it currently valued at over $2,000,000,000 (yes, billion) which is two times more than the US capitol, but it has a staircase inside that

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Harrisburg, PA

This capitol was the first capitol to dethrone Nebraska as my favorite. The capitol was so gorgeous to look at I almost didn’t want to leave. Each step, each corner I turned, another amazing piece of architecture stared me boldly

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Richmond, VA

I unfortunately didn’t have to much time to stop in Richmond, but the capitol there was fun to peruse! The building was architected by Thomas Jefferson which is super cool. They didn’t have the original mace given to them by

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