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Flagstaff, AZ

I wanted to go to Flagstaff my first time around, but I decided against it as I didn’t think I would enjoy it much there alone. One of my friends ended up moving there while I was on my road

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Hartford, CT

Hartford is the capitol of Connecticut. I didn’t do much in Hartford, but it was fun to visit. I was slightly late to the tour that was scheduled, but one of the tour guides decided to give me a private

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Tucson, AZ

I unfortunately don’t have any pictures from Tucson, but it was such fun going down there. I got to see the Omega chapter of my fraternity and they were a blast! We ate at Frog & Firkin which was a

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Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is the home of my parents and the day I came down was my dad’s birthday! Talk about a party waiting to happen. We had a blast and had an amazing dinner at Tutti Santi. Not only did I

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