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Toronto, ON

Toronto is the capitol for Onatario which is pretty neat. I didn’t realize until after that Ottawa was the capitol for Canada as a whole (I know, massive failure) so I ended up skipping Ottawa. Won’t make that mistake again!

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Concord, NH

New Hampshire State Capitol with Liberty Bell Concord was such a super cute town. Their state house was fun to walk through. It is one of the oldest state houses still in use so everything was super old. Not only

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Boston, MA

Massachusetts State Capitol Building One of the first things I did when I got to Boston was go and see the state capitol building. They had a random person protesting something outside (I think it was gun control) but I

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Jamestown, VA

Jamestown was cool to check out. It was the first colony of the states and it was cool to see how it was formed and what kind of interactions they had with the native population. From the sieges to the

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Memphis, TN

Memphis! Sadly, I was fairly disappointed with Memphis. Everyone talks about Beale St., but it was an utter disappointment. The atmosphere was so dead! No one was out and the town seemed like a ghost town. Not a very good

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Dallas, TX

I unfortunately didn’t have too much time in Dallas, TX, but I did take a minute to go look at the assassination spot of President Kennedy. President Kennedy has always had a soft spot in my heart since he died

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Saint Louis, MO

Saint Louis takes the cake (so far) for being the funnest city! It somehow even trumped Denver, but that could just be because I was surrounded by brothers. At first I thought I knew no one in Saint Louis, but

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Springfield, IL

Springfield, IL was more fun than I imagined. Their biggest selling point was that Abraham Lincoln was from Illinois so everything they had was structured around that. I think they forgot that Obama came from Illinois as well. Either way

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