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Witchita, KS

I came to Witchita in order to hang out with 2 of my fraternity brothers. We ended up having dinner at a place called Bella Luna which was amazing. They had hummus that was made like I would make at

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Hutchinson, KS

Hutchinson, KS is the home to the amazing Cosmosphere. It was one of the best museums I had been to so far. The astronomy section was to die for and the presentation of everything was phenomenal. After 8 hours there

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Lawrence, KS

I finished the night of my accident by visiting some of my brothers out in Lawrence, KS. I met up with the Beta Chi chapter which was a lot of fun. They had their own office which was super cool!

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Topeka, KS

Kansas was renovating the whole capitol building while I was there and so their liberty bell was not on display unfortunately, but the capitol itself was still fun. The staff were very friendly and I had random people stopping me

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The Accident

On my way to Topeka, KS someone decided to be dumb. I was driving on the freeway and the girl behind me decided not to fully pay attention. She was talking on her phone and didn’t notice everyone was slowing

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Manhattan, KS

After the Oz Museum I went to a town called Manhattan. I got really excited cause for a second I thought I had hit New York, but alas I was still in Kansas. From here I did get to meet

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Wamego, KS

Of course when you go to Kansas you must go to the Oz Museum! So I headed to Wamego, KS where I got to see the official Oz Museum where they have original props from the movie as well as

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