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Crater Lake, OR

Crater Lake was super fun to go and see, especially once you find out the island in the middle is called Wizard’s Island. The crater was made by a volcano erupting way long ago which gives it its distinct look.

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Jasper National Park

I personally loved Jasper National Park like no other. It was so much fun doing the hiking throughout the park. I did one hike which took us around 5 different lakes called ‘the valley of the five lakes’ and I

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Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake city actually turned out to be more fun than I could have imagined. The capitol building was almost all entirely made out of marble which was kinda neat. Other than that there wasn’t too much special about the

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Acadia National Park, ME

Acadia National Park was super gorgeous! Rob Lydick insisted that I must go see it since I like forests so much and it was definitely worth it. The hiking was phenomenal and there was still snow everywhere. Sometimes we had

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So I was driving from York to Dover when I decided to not take the interstates and drove through the wilderness of Pennsylvania. It was such a gorgeous site to see! I wanted to share one picture that I took.

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Clayton, NM

While in New Mexico I decided to go see Clayton State Lake. It was such a gorgeous lake! I highly recommend making a short trip out, just look at this amazing picture!

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Hoover Dam

Hoover dam! It’s the dam that literally borders the pacific time zone and the arizona time zone. The dam itself is gorgeous and is a wonderful structure. It’s fun to learn about how it was created and there is information

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