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Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY! The home to buffalo wings. I got near the town and decided I just had to stop and get buffalo wings in the town they were created in. I stopped by Duff’s Famous Wings and had their medium

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Stowe, VT

Stowe Inn Stowe, Vermont was such a gorgeous little town! I got to my inn which was in the middle of it all and threw my stuff in my room. I grabbed my laptop and went downstairs to the fireplace

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Newport, RI

Newport, RI was such a cute town! It’s where all the wealthy New Yorkers would come hang out during the summer months and so the buildings were extravagant. The main owner’s were the Vanderbilts, but there were a lot of

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Albany, NY

Albany is of course the capitol of New York! Their capitol was amazing. Not only is it currently valued at over $2,000,000,000 (yes, billion) which is two times more than the US capitol, but it has a staircase inside that

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Trumball, CT

So while staying at one of my fraternity brother’s houses he invited me to have Easter with his family. He’s half Armenian so I got really excited cause that meant we got to go to an Armenian church. And on

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