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Crater Lake, OR

Crater Lake was super fun to go and see, especially once you find out the island in the middle is called Wizard’s Island. The crater was made by a volcano erupting way long ago which gives it its distinct look.

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Salem, OR

Oregon’s state capitol was fun to go through. They allow you to climb to the top of the building and get an up close look at the sculpture on top which turns out to be a lumberjack of sorts although

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Portland, OR

I had been to Portland a while ago when I visited for my fraternity’s convention so I had already done a bunch of the tourist stuff before. I had already gone and seen Powell Books (which is epic) and also

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Multnomah Falls, OR

On the way to Portland from Goldendale I had heard there was a series of gorgeous falls. I decided to take a risk and took a detour to check out these falls and I’m super glad I did. The falls

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