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Philadelphia, PA

Welcome Philadelphia! I hadn’t been back since I was here for my fraternity’s convention back in 2011. The city was just as I remembered it except this time I actually had time to explore it! The city itself doesn’t have

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Dover, DE

Delaware State Capitol Building Dover threw me for a loop! I thought there was going to be nothing there and then when I arrived there was so much to do! Unfortunately the only thing I ended up seeing was the

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So I was driving from York to Dover when I decided to not take the interstates and drove through the wilderness of Pennsylvania. It was such a gorgeous site to see! I wanted to share one picture that I took.

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York, PA

Once I realized I lost my clip I went a little crazy. I tore up my car and looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. I drove all the way back to Harrisburg and retraced all of my steps and still

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Hershey, PA

If you have a sweet tooth and love American chocolate, this is the place to go! I think I died of chocolate overload by the end of it. I first started off with the ‘create your own chocolate’ tour which

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Harrisburg, PA

This capitol was the first capitol to dethrone Nebraska as my favorite. The capitol was so gorgeous to look at I almost didn’t want to leave. Each step, each corner I turned, another amazing piece of architecture stared me boldly

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State College, PA

I totally forgot to take pictures here! And it was such a cute little town too! There was snow everywhere which was fun to see. The town itself didn’t grow until the college was placed there. The town consists of

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