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Goldendale, WA

Goldendale is the place for one of the best amateur observatories I’ve ever seen! I got to hang out there with a bunch of random people and see so many things I’ll likely never forget. We got to look through

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Olympia, WA

The Washington State Capitol was fairly grand. Almost every chandelier was done by Tiffany which is super cool. The main chandelier in the rotunda is so big you could apparently fit a volkswagen beetle inside it! One of my favorite

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Seattle, WA

So the first thing I did when I got into Seattle was to go to the Space needle. It costs $20 to go to the top or you can do lunch for $25 and get a free pass to the

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Victoria, BC

Victoria is where the legislature meets for British Columbia. I got to walk through the legislature building which was super cool! They only had 1 house which was kinda weird, but super cool. Their building was also a lot more

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Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is one of my best friends’ favorite city of all time. I ended up staying at the hostel at Jericho Beach which was kinda phenomenal. The front desk guy was uber attractive and I spent countless hours flirting with

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Jasper National Park

I personally loved Jasper National Park like no other. It was so much fun doing the hiking throughout the park. I did one hike which took us around 5 different lakes called ‘the valley of the five lakes’ and I

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Boise, ID

Boise reminded me of Davis, CA. It seemed as though everyone was on their bikes the entire time, it was super nice. They had an amazing memorial to Anne Frank that had the Universal Declaration of Human Rights sitting there.

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Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Falls! This town was so small I didn’t know what to do with it. After driving for quite a few hours we decided to stop in Sioux falls to crash. It was so much fun. The fun part was

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A visitor!

Just when I thought I couldn’t fit anything more in Mandelbrot, I got a visitor! A brother from St. Louis wanted to join on the road trip so I told him that he is more than welcome to join. So

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Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Minneapolis was a gorgeous city to just walk around. The sculpture garden was one of my favorite points. There were a ton of sculptures and above I’ve placed the more famous of the sculptures. My 2 favorite

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