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Calgary, AB

Back up to Canada I go! So I went up to Calgary with the intention of hanging out there for a little while, but once I got there I didn’t really want to stay. Alberta is the Texas of Canada

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Houston, TX

My last stop in Texas was to visit the Space Center in Houston. I went there for two days. On the first day I did their level 9 tour which was amazing in epic proportions. It was a full day

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Austin, TX

The Texas State Capitol building was unfortunately fairly boring. The inside was all just regular white paint which is not very fun. There was nothing very grand or exciting on the inside. The tour guide was also very boring and

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Dallas, TX

I unfortunately didn’t have too much time in Dallas, TX, but I did take a minute to go look at the assassination spot of President Kennedy. President Kennedy has always had a soft spot in my heart since he died

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El Paso, TX

El Paso was where I got to meet my Beta Tau brothers! The brothers were a lot of fun and we ended up eating at a place called Cabo Joe’s. They had fairly standard burgers and was a lot of

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